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Wow! This is SO strong, so powerful, so dramatic! I'm not sure I'd like to see something like this in the manga, but it's pretty impressive and I'm enjoying it a lot!

Great cliffhanger at the end. Oh, and I loved this speech:

"Famiglia? La sola ragione per cui siamo una famiglia e' Kaori...l'unica ragione per cui Saeko viene sempre da noi e' Kaori. L'unica ragione per cui Mick e' ancora vivo e' Kaori. L'unica ragione per cui sei vivo e sposato e' Kaori. L'unica ragione per cui Kazue e' insieme a Mick e' Kaori. E l'unica ragione per cui tua moglie e' viva e' Kaori...senza di lei...non siete niente"

I knew Kaori was important, but here it's made clear WHY she's so important. She's the protected young girl of the group, but that's because she's the heart and soul of that extended family.


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You got it   and basically she became the soul of City Hunter, so without her, Ryo is off, and only a man who is in immense pain. Thank you for your review  


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